Choosing a Turkish Angora

English writer E.V. Lucas once said that any cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room. The Turkish Angora confirms it. This ancient breed is one of the world’s most beautiful purebreds. Her fine silky fur, long elegant body, upright pointed ears and large brilliant eyes make the Angora highly prized for her beauty and grace. Once thought to be extinct, the Angora has made a recent comeback. While still rare (24th out of 37 breeds, according to the Cat Fanciers Association’s 1999 registration totals), the breed is gaining new fans every year.

History and Origin

Longhaired white cats have been noted in Turkey and surroundinCAT_0000155_20010724090629g areas for centuries. According to legend, Muhammad, founder of the Islamic faith, possessed a Turkish Angora whom he treasured. Rather than disturb the cat as she slept on his robe, he cut off the sleeve. If true, the Angora has been around for more than 1,400 years.

Researchers speculate that the recessive mutation for long hair mutated spontaneously in areas such as the high cold plateaus of Turkey, where the cold harsh conditions made the longer, insulating fur an important survival trait. These Turkish longhairs were hardy survivors with flowing, non-matting fur, lithe bodies, and the intelligence to survive in an unforgiving environment. Continue reading «Choosing a Turkish Angora»