All About Turkish Angora Kittens

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by Barbara Azan   Azima Cattery

khyla-thecats (2)Turkish Angora kittens are exquisitely beautiful and elegant! Their personality is even more exciting than their beauty, which is considerable. They are intelligent, sweet, loyal, playful and affectionate in the extreme. Their silky, sensuous coats are almost entirely carefree, needing little or no combing to look their best. Their coats don’t come in fully until they are about two years old or until they are neutered. When they are kittens, sometimes they may look slightly like shorthairs, except for their tail!
Turkish Angoras love to climb and play, so they need a home in which they are allowed to do that. Most Turks can be found hanging out on book shelves, on top of refrigerators or on the ledge of an open door. Don’t be surprised to have them show up almost anywhere you are. Their most endearing quality is the desire to be a constant companion to their beloved owner.

How to find a reputable breeder- Color availability

When you go to find a Turkish Angora breeder, be careful to ask questions and request information about their past clients and their guarantees. You want to make sure your kitten/cat is healthy, sweet tempered and well adjusted as well as beautiful. Ask to see pictures of the kittens in which you are interested. If concerned at all about possible problems, ask for references from past clients or look for another breeder.
Many people are under the misconception that Turkish Angoras are only available in white. This is not true. Turkish Angoras come in a wide spectrum of colors. All colors are showable and may be bred, with the exception of pointed cats, chocolate or lilac. Although chocolate, lilac and pointed Turkish Angoras do appear very occasionally, in CFA, these cats are not able to be registered. You can see a full list of accepted colors at the Cat Fanciers’ Association website.

What to Look for in a Show Quality Turkish Angora

So you’ve decided you want a Show Quality Turkish Angora? First thing you should do is to read and learn the standard, so that you can recognize a top quality cat when you see it.
The next thing is to find a breeder who is willing to work with you. You will need a breeder who is knowledgeable and patient, to teach you the many things that you need to know. Talk to several breeders about their show quality cats, asking about their criteria for show cats. Look at their Winners and Grand Champions.
Select a breeder that you feel is most compatible with your feelings and ideals. Relationships between breeders, or between a breeder and an owner, should be cordial and friendly, as they should last throughout the cat’s life, as well as possibly becoming a lifelong friendship. Talk to the breeder that you choose about buying a show quality cat. You should decide together, if you should show the cat, neutered, in the Premiership class, or if you have sufficient knowledge, with the help of your new mentor, to show it and breed it after its show career is over.
Just buying a purebred cat doesn’t give you the knowledge or ability to breed kittens. An apprenticeship or mentorship is quite essential, if you wish to become a quality breeder. Many breeders will require a contract which will initially limit your ability to breed or sell your kittens without their knowledge or consent. This is to allow you the time to learn all about the business of breeding and showing, without making serious errors, harmful to the breeder, yourself and usually to the breed.
If showing and breeding is for you, keep these things in mind when you go on your search for a show quality Turkish Angora kitten. Good Luck!

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