The Turkish Angora This is a DRAFT FAQ

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chanan pic
GP Ashmanor Valentino of Ambar, an odd-eyed white Turkish Angora, and CH Galatia Fallen Angel of Ambar, a black Turkish Angora. Image Copyright 1996 Chanan Photography



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All About Turkish Angora Kittens

by Barbara Azan   Azima Cattery

khyla-thecats (2)Turkish Angora kittens are exquisitely beautiful and elegant! Their personality is even more exciting than their beauty, which is considerable. They are intelligent, sweet, loyal, playful and affectionate in the extreme. Their silky, sensuous coats are almost entirely carefree, needing little or no combing to look their best. Their coats don’t come in fully until they are about two years old or until they are neutered. When they are kittens, sometimes they may look slightly like shorthairs, except for their tail!
Turkish Angoras love to climb and play, so they need a home in which they are allowed to do that. Most Turks can be found hanging out on book shelves, on top of refrigerators or on the ledge of an open door. Don’t be surprised to have them show up almost anywhere you are. Their most endearing quality is the desire to be a constant companion to their beloved owner.

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S4Питомника элитных  кошек породы Турецкая ангора, «Catlar».

Сайт посвящен Турецкой  Ангоре —  удивительной, элегантной, умной, интеллигентной,

грациозной,  чистоплотной, божественной и древнейшей  породе кошек в Мире!

Получив большое распространение по всему миру, уже много веков назад, она снискала огромное число своих почитателей.

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