Turkish Angora

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The Turkish Angora cat is a semi-longhaired cat that originated in Turkey. Cats from a breeding program in the Ankara Zoo were brought back to the United States in 1962, kindling interest in this ancient breed.

Turkish Angoras are long-bodied and graceful with a fine, silky coat. Although white is the most well-known color, Turkish Angora kittens come in a variety of additional colors and patterns.

The Turkish Angora personality is intelligent and quick-witted, as well as active and agile. «Turkeys» can be very opinionated and stubborn; it is difficult to change their minds once they have formed an idea. Those who live with them claim that Turkish Angora cats are one of the only breeds with a well-developed sense of humor. They need active play and can become bored if left alone for long periods of time.

Turkish Angoras are not large cats, averaging between 5 and 9 pounds. Like almost all other breeds, of cat, females tend to be smaller than males.

Some Turkish Angora breeders import cats from Turkey, where they are still highly prized. Such new blood is an important source of outcrosses for this remarkable and beautiful breed. A Turkish Angora breeder advertising «imported lines» usually means they are using foundation stock from Turkey.

Associations: The Turkish Angora breed is accepted by most major cat registries. In GCCF, the breed «Angora» is not a Turkish Angora, but is more similar to the breed known as Oriental Longhair in the United States.

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